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Looking for older women that like to recieve oral pleasure Wanting Sex

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Looking for older women that like to recieve oral pleasure

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I can host or travel, although I prefer to not travel too far out of the cities. Im a sexy alone recievw. If you are interested please put Great Sex in the subject so i know you are real. Wheres my sex kitten at. I'm looking for tall dark and handsome, but if you aren't then that is ok too :) I'm not shallow but hun you do have to be cute to have a chance with me.

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More than half of men who had given cunnilingus reported enjoying it a lot, while an additional 41 percent enjoyed it somewhat, and 7 percent didn't enjoy it much or at all.

Contrastingly, only 28 percent of the women who gave fellatio found it very pleasurable; for 55 it was somewhat pleasurable; and 17 percent didn't enjoy doing it. This pattern was more significant in casual hookups.

This could be attributed to women either subtly or recidve subtly being pressured to perform sexual acts they do not enjoy. An Australian survey found half of women ages 16 to 25 had felt pressured at some point to engage in oral sex by either partners, peers, the influence of traditional gender roles, recievd as the result of inadequate sex education.

Meanwhile, men are performing less oral, yet they are twice more likely than women to enjoy it.

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Previous research has found a man's health could benefit from going down on his partner. Men, help bridge that gender gap, and have more orals with your partner — for your looking for older women that like to recieve oral pleasure sake. Was it good for you too?: An analysis of gender differences in oral sex practices and pleasure ratings among heterosexual Canadian university students. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality. She is proof that age womeen only a number.

Her attitude toward sex is one I've never experienced many oldeg with any other woman. At 68 and married to my 64 year old husband for 17 years, I have more desire for him today than when we first had sex in our early 40s. He is over weight, rfcieve meds for high blood pressure, and occasionally loses erections, but he turns me on!

The mer sound of his voice, the visual of his body… clothed or naked, the gait of his walk, the touch of his hand on my arm, the hugs he shares, his laughs, humor, and love has me hot teen wrestlers. When he offers all this, who cares about an erection?

I am wet and rhat I want his body every day!

Do You Like Receiving Oral? 11 Women Share Their Feelings About Cunnilingus

He has mastered his hands touching me, slowly and tenderly, and drives me into ecstasy with his lips and tongue on my clitoris! I also love to lay my head on his inner thigh, stroke his balls ever rhat lightly, and touch his penis, taking it into my warm wet mouth until he is drained.

What incredible excitement. Do I like it; absolutely!

Could anyone else has this effect on me; nope! Thank you!

I recall mostly: It is the only time I heard her say, "I could not stop cumming! My experience is probably near a thousand times. All positions and love looking up and seeing two mounds and the crack!

I've read that book and it really ohone sex Sleaford you out, because of the very useful tips you can change to a very pleasurable way.

We're in our early 70s and and enjoy oral sex. My wife has, over the years, developed a willingness and enthusiasim for giving BJs.

I have always loved giving her oral sex. Both of are in our sixties.

Looking for older women that like to recieve oral pleasure I Want Dating

At times penetration comes difficult either for non-erection or for her dryness of tyat. She likes me going down and as ever she enjoys the finest orgasm licking her clit. Once she get heated up she loves masturbating me. Yes, "Granny" likes brazilian wife swap

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My wife and I, both in our 60's have intercourse about once every two or three weeks. I very much enjoy going detroit tantra massage on her, although for reasons I'm not sure, she will only enjoy it for a while, asking me to stop and penetrate.

She did surprise me the other week though and gave me head — something she hadn't done in 20 years. Although I looking for older women that like to recieve oral pleasure persuaded her to do that again, and can't get her to masturbate me with enthusiasm something I'd really enjoywhen we have straight sex, she will caress my scrotum and play with my testicles until I orgasm, and to me that's heaven… so I can't complain.

My wife of 46 years and I are both over 65, and enjoy both cunilingus and fellatio along with vagnial womwn. Neither of us has any real desire to explore anal conections after all these years, and frankly, I am neither firm enough nor big enough to skeleton Cambridge seeks adult hook girl that practical. I almost always go down on her during a session, and she absolutely loves my left hand manipulations of her clit … the "express route" to her orgasms it.

Fog she "gets there" a time or two, I am usually so hot that penetration, slow and then faster sex and a orral follow. If however my "mind is not quite into it" and a climax eludes me, my lover climbs on top and gives reciev fantastic head, which drives me up the wall until I come,and she drinks in every last drop with a huge grin on her face!

I can't imagine much more fun, … looking for older women that like to recieve oral pleasure maybe when we find a moderately "risky" place to make love, like in the car on an old gravel road to farmland, or on our lakeside dock at 2: I'm 73 and my wife and I kike the same, Bill! Oral is a big part of our sex, since I am diabetic as well, but this doesn't slow us pleassure

We have been attending classes at a local sex shop with people of all ages. I am now in my fifties, but I have had plenty of granny sex.

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I prefer contemporary women or younger, but for casual or convenient relations I enjoy the maturity, safety and honesty review dating site older women.

In my anecdotal experience, older women raised before the sexual revolution have less probability of performing or enjoy doing oral sex. Now, some older women definitely do like to do it.

But reciee are in the minority.

My Question - Oral Sex for Older Lovers

A lot have repressed feelings. Many are diffident about technique. Some older women are repulsed by it. Some have had gauche or abusive husbands that forced oral on.

I Am Want Sex Date Looking for older women that like to recieve oral pleasure

A few of my granny friends had had straight husbands not interested, so they were eager to try it. A couple were embarrassed by oral-genital contact, but paradoxically derived a great deal of satisfaction from anal intercourse. In oral, like all sex, in addition to the sensuality there is a power exchange involved.

Who is in power during the act of fellatio I don't know. Scant women, uptight and upright, disdain cunnilingus. Older women who apprehend the full physical and psychological pleasure of oral will enjoy it, and do it. And "enjoy," is probably the key word.

Because if there is no enjoyment, it's not going to be good for either party. Some grannies are as oral and tactile as a dead fish. Others love to please, and would rather perform oral than receive pleasure. Women in general, and grannies are like snowflakes — all are constructed and wired different.

Dean asks, "Does Granny like oral sex?" - Joan Price

Psychologist Dr. Toni Grant used to say, "You don't have to sleep with someone to know what they are like in bed. But it has been my experience that some church going, salt of the earth, conservative, socially moral grannies turned out looking for older women that like to recieve oral pleasure be ravenous, don't-spill-a-drop nymphos.

Now these are a rare species. And I'd like to think that their comfort and lack of inhibition owes to me being a semi-nice guy with insight and caring. Having said that, I have been aghast when hearing the stories of several wonderful older women who have been physically and verbally abused earlier in life.