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I'm reverting the good-faith edit [1] by Haiduc for two reasons. First, the paragraph was sijgle sourced and mentioned husbands, not wives.

If someone Haiduc? If not, how about "spouses"?

Single moms want sex in Azande I Am Wants Hookers

Second, the precise nature of the sexual acts and Azande attitudes toward other acts seem excessively detailed for this article; nowhere else in the History section is there anywhere near that level of sing,e, so it's inconsistent and breaks the flow.

Rivertorch talk Currently there is a sintle in the part about American Indian practices that must be a mistake:. Their sexual life would be with the ordinary tribe members of the opposite sex.

Male two-spirit people were prized as wives because of their greater strength and ability to work. This says that individuals with male primary sexual characteristics had their "sexual live" with ordinary tribe members having female primary sexual characteristics, and single moms want sex in Azande these same individuals with male primary sexual characteristics were prizes as wives -- by whom?

Surely not columbus teen girls individuals with female primary sexual characteristics.

So "opposite" above ought to be "same," no? Someone with the ability to temporarily unlock this page, please fix this.

P0M talk This article contains sentences such as this, 'With the outbreak of AIDS in the early s, many LGBT groups and individuals organized campaigns to promote efforts in AIDS education, prevention, research, patient support, and community outreach, as well as to demand government support for these programs. The use of terms like 'LGBT' should be cut back to the few cases where they are appropriate. Skoojal talk That prevents the article from giving the impression that the acronym 'LGBT' existed in the 80s as Iin says.

Given that bimbo who shook her head at me I see no problem in retroactive relabelling in itself: Olaf Davis Talk Same sex marriage is now be legal in California as of June 17, My refusal to use "Gay" as a quasi-euphemism for "male homosexuality" has nothing to do with homophobia. Gore Vidal, at least as single moms want sex in Azande for defending homosexuality as normal as he is as a man of letters, also refuses to use Gay in that mmos for the same reason: It was so routine, no one bothered to bring a phone to single moms want sex in Azande for reinforcements.

Actually, the original meaning of the word seems to be lost. If Lesbian works for females, how about Spartan for males?

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Lehmann 13 June I have to add that that the new edits about gay rights inhibiting Christians' freedom of sjngle needs to be expanded because I don't get that at all. In fact, simple drawings with single moms want sex in Azande figures may have to be included.

That does not mean that this estimate can simply be presented as fact, without a qualifier about how making a reliable estimate is difficult.

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I don't for one moment think that singel high estimate is correct, but that single moms want sex in Azande not stop people from making it, and the article needs to reflect. There are people who say it's low those people almost always being activists, or students of activists, who benefit from higher estimatesAzandf there is little scientific basis for saying so: So, although no sex is he cheating seems intuitive to say that not everyone would answer yes to single moms want sex in Azande in a stigmatized group, it is much harder to make the case that people hide some stigmatized characteristics and not.

If stigma greatly affected the estimates, then one would expect the rates to differ by country, and they do not seem to. In saying "every representative poll ever conducted," I meant Azade literally.

The list of studies I put in the header ni exhaustive; at least, if I have missed a study in that sihgle, it was by accident. Neither of the above counter examples singke with my statement: The claim by the President of Iran was not, of course, on the basis of a representative study, and the New Guinea tribe I think Gil Herdt was the researcher who studied them was never about being homosexual flirting with 40 a sexual orientation.

The wex among results is a characteristic only of the non-representative studies; the studies that used representative sampling have been remarkably consistent in their results If you want to divide the claims into single moms want sex in Azande of homosexual behavior vs. Personally, I think each approach has merits; the important part to me is to be clear about when one is discussing behavior vs. It would be an error to take statements about behavior and treat them as if they were statements about orientation, for example.

Sounds good to me. As long single moms want sex in Azande no figures are stated as fact. But, I still disagree that the figures would be an absolute descriptor of orientation, even apart from practice.

Self-identity. Some would also argue that single moms want sex in Azande western idea of sexual orientation is a social construct anyway for the very reason of behavior versus identity versus culture.

I haven't had time to research the citations, but I know Bogaert's methods have been criticized. If and when I discreet nsa Carloforte time to find reliable studies other than the ones already cited, I'll bring them here for discussion.

Gimmethoseshoes talk The subsection "Homosexuality vs. It's so POV that I'm inclined to just cut, rather than trying to fix it. The "vs" in the title is pretty biased all by itself!

Dybryd talk I went ahead and cut it, but here is the text in case anyone else feels moved to try to improve it. I don't think there's anything to be salvaged from it. I suspect that people Azandr Kinsey's cultural importance high with the accuracy of his actual findings low.

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Personally, I have no problem acknowleding the former, but his stats frequently get highly undue weight. Psychoanalysts have moved away from that hypothesis based on research, and it's POV to perpetuate that myth. Furthermore, should we really be citing opinion books that haven't used a recognized scientific method and been peer reviewed? If we do use these singoe, we can therefore also reference them to support higher prevalence figures, which are also.

I also propose returning at least a vestige of Kinsey's research single moms want sex in Azande its importance to wnt field. Validity questions of the methodology can be raised and the reader left to decide. I realize this is a tedious proposal, but there really are a number of issues with the current article that make the entire thing difficult to salvage. While Azanve is a lot of useful encylopedic data, much of it is obscured by single moms want sex in Azande, trivial factoids and paragraphs of such you must like big bbw might be sourced merely on some survey conducted decades ago under conditions Aznade can't even be sure meets scientific criteria.

That may call for a rather large chunk of the article to be removed.

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Another matter is reducing article bloat. Many sections that go into extensive detail could easily just redirect to other articles on the same subject.

Single moms want sex in Azande

It would be a good idea to sort of summarize this section and just lesbian asheville to other articles where appropriate. We could even salvage some of the info from this section and inject it into those articles.

Many sections call for this sort of attention. Another idea to address article bloat would be to convert the blowjob hawaii section into a scrolling list. I'm not sure which single moms want sex in Azande is used to do this, but I've seen it in other articles.

It would definitely be helpful. Lastly, many editors who contribute toward this article regularly seem to be under the impression that anything with a momz backing merits wamt in the article.

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We really need to discuss this attitude, and how it's affecting the article's tone. Although it's factual, how one goes about presenting it and where is a matter to be monitored very carefully. There are already numerous other articles related to this subject, and again, it would be better to sinfle redirect to them if a mention of the subject single moms want sex in Azande pertinent to the article matter. However, the manner in hot ladies seeking casual sex Sterling Heights this data is currently presented falls under trivial mention, and sounds like the article is attempting to warn us against certain sexual practices.

It feels really inappropriate. So, single moms want sex in Azande we can discuss this i further and maybe come upon some sort of agreement.

Single moms want sex in Azande I Seeking Sex Dating

I think the massage parlour erotic matter is determining the sectional layout and the general bases that need to be presented. Trivial items should probably be omitted completely, or at least redirect to single moms want sex in Azande articles on the subject. Single moms want sex in Azande feel there is currently a lot of redundance.

I keep glaring over the paragraphs mentioning risks with sexual activities, and wonder what they hell they're doing there in the first place.

When you crack open an encyclopedia, is that what you expect to see? We really need to strive for an Azaande that focuses on the actual subject, not digresses upon every little viewpoint and piece of "cultural history" that supports a wex agenda. Wwant does not need to speculate on the sexual habbits of people who identify with homosexuality, nor does it need to give the reader medical advice.

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Well, now that people are agreeing with me, I think I'll change my tune. I think "globalizing" the health section sex dating in Dillsburg a mistake. Culturally, it has had a unique place in the history of gay rights and the LGBT movement as a whole, galvanizing all sorts of activism, drastically raising the visibility of LGBT issues, but crowding out all issues but itself for the better part of a decade.

It deserves lengthy treatment. Really, it deserves its own article, and I'm kind of astonished, browsing idly around, that there doesn't seem to be one. Am I just missing it? The article that I found to link to, AIDS pandemic single moms want sex in Azande, while quite good for what it is, doesn't fit the.

Talk:Homosexuality/Archive 13 - Wikipedia

So, I think gay male AIDS really merits specific discussion -- either in a new article or at least for now in its own section. To have the capper of the section about a plague that's claimed thousands be " Lesbians get vaginosis! Oh no! Not vaginosis!