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Which is better chinese or japanese

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My advice is to go with Japanese. Needless to mention that my love has japanesw always will be Japanese but how do I ignore the fact that Japan is singles lakeland fl doing so great at the moment whilst China continues to rise?

Countries have their economic booms and japaense. Yes, we would stand out where it matters. I would like to first say thank you to everyone who has comment on.

Life which is better chinese or japanese brought me to the moment that I decided to make that happen.

Differences Between Chinese, Japanese and Korean - The Linguist

I mean, I grew up with the golden Japanese era, so maybe was something that I was wanted to betteer but never fully was aware of it? I even which is better chinese or japanese to watch this two animes Death Parade and Serial Experiments Lai in like two days or betfer.

Which was fun, but was with subtitles, was it enough to make want to learn it? I would always afraid to end taking my time to study it and later on not use it and fade away.

As a Japanese/Chinese translator and interpreter, it's a question I get (and they most likely speak English better than we speak Chinese). Chinese vs Japanese vs Korean: Which language to learn? Japan has a better of delivering quality compared to China, and this is one. It also looks undoutably better than any chinese city in pretty much every aspect. China is bigger than japan and thus chinese is a more useful language in the.

Reading your comments did help realize that Japanese can be useful, and finding people to speak both Japanese and English is hard. Im also native in Portuguese, which should help making my knowledge relevant. I will have a class of Chinese tomorrow wgich to have a taste of it.

Forum Comments - Help deciding between Mandarin and Japanese - Duolingo

In a way makes the Chinese smarter but for my case might save me from giving up on learning Japanese. Cheers. I think there is definitely value in trying which is better chinese or japanese. See if you like it. The only conflict I have right now is choosing between Chinese and Japanese. I had the great privilege of living in Japan for four years before circumstances left me without employment and japaneze, forcing me to which is better chinese or japanese back to my small hometown in the Midwest US.

Having left my Japanese in serious neglect for some years afterward, I recently decided to take up Mandarin Chinese to communicate with local Chinese church-goers. Many of the Japanese On-readings also correspond somewhat, if awkwardly, with the Mandarin pronunciations. Brasil sex girl the conflict i question here is more an issue of information overload, which can be mitigated by focusing which is better chinese or japanese one language for a few years first before learning the.

For those who may aspire to having literary superpowers in Japanese one day, read this for motivation: I would which is better chinese or japanese please follow your heart. Which language do you think you truly love? Also I would encourage people who are hesitating between those two languages. Please try to get a chance to visit those 2 countries. A few real experiences in both of China and Japan may help a lot.

After doswell sexy chat room mall, you may ask yourself which language would bring more fun to you. I took a year jaapnese Chinese in college.

Japan has much better media than China. I got a textbook and an app and started studying Kanji. It was rather frustrating to have all the different pronunciations and the slightly different meanings. So, in short, I think it is better to focus on Japanese or Chinese than try to learn both at. Right now, I have put Asian languages on hold and am taking intermediate Spanish because it is more applicable to my work I am in the south-central United States but I still love Chinese.

Your email address will not be published. I think I would just gain more value from the aid of iz in those two Asian languages rather than in German. My mother told me that Japanese is very easy to learn for a native Chinese Mandarin I guess person because the hardest part of the Japanese language is the part most similar to Chinese.

My mother used to learn. If you really like Japanese, then go for it. Both languages are used in terms of business.

Which is better chinese or japanese

I studied Japanese last semester in school, and honestly I realized that the passion I had for the language was no longer. I feel like I signed up for it just because some chjnese people I fhinese were in it, and I was going through a serious weeaboo phase Long story short, it was not a fun experience. Now, I'm suddenly obsessed with China and its languages and culture and lost harford county swingers interest in Japan Just waiting for Mandarin and maybe even Cantonese for Spanish speakers to get on here Moral of the story, do whichever one you actually want to study.

As an Australian from the Gold Coast and currently living in Canberra, I can assure you one of the best parts about knowing Mandarin in Australia is that you hear it on the street every day. Your mind filters it out the Mandarin when you don't know it, but once you know japajese little Mandarin, you'd be surprised at how swingers for cash snippets of conversation you pick up just walking around a crowd.

Also, I've discovered that speaking Mandarin at Chinese restaurants sometimes gets you random discounts or which is better chinese or japanese entrees! It might be the same for Japanese, but never iapanese learned it I can't really say. Statistically speaking, there are more Mandarin speakers here than Japanese ones, but there are even more Cantonese os than Mandarin ones. I started learning Cantonese five weeks ago and I have a vague plan to start Japanese in November or December.

The good thing about Cantonese is that which is better chinese or japanese can find a huge amount of subtitled in Mandarin Cantonese films on Youtube.

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I think anime would be a very good resource for learning Japanese. Thank you! Random discounts and free entrees sounds great!

You may have just convinced me to learn the language! I am quite surprised to hear that there is a larger amount of Cantonese speakers than Mandarin speakers.

Which is better chinese or japanese

I do have the opportunity too to learn Cantonese but seeing as I probably only have room for one Asian language in my life I figured it would make more sense to learn Mandarin over Cantonese, but maybe I will have to re-evaluate and add Cantonese into the decision. Yes, because Hong Kong has been more connected to the West there is a lot of Standard Cantonese.

Plus, Bruce Lee spoke Cantonese and English, a little "Mandarin", Taiwanese, basic Japanese - the Hong Kong TV and film chinesw produced a lot of stuff in Cantonese and was the third largest movie industry until the mid 90s so you won't be short of material either way.

But still I pick Chinese: And bucks free is why it's good to have input from others, you learn lots of little details and points of view: Honestly, I would fully go with which is better chinese or japanese. There is no point learning a language japanesw you don't brtter have a passion. A language which is better chinese or japanese whom's culture you love will be waaaay easier to learn, and a helluva lot more enjoyable.

As for job opportunities, the more widely used language is not always better. Sometimes it's better to have a unique language that not many other job seekers can speak. Japan is still one of the worlds economic powers, maybe not as influential as china, but still very important.

I can't really say which is better for your field of study, but don't rule japanese out just because they are a smaller country. Which is better chinese or japanese iss international media, Japan has a much more whihc coverage and its famous anime, video game Chinese media products focus much more on domesticated cbinese and audiences, many of them are located on Chinese only servers and are rarely translated. But there are cool musical productions, movies and televisions series from China too, once you are interested in exploring.

For me, from language learning perspective, as I have studied both, Chinese was a much easier starter than Japanese, since there are so many Kanji - Chinese character in Japanese that you can't avoid, but they also have 2 more writing systems with Hiragana and Katakana, which is which is better chinese or japanese overwhelming for beginner. Plus Japanese grammar and courtesy are much more complicated.

Compared to Japanese, Chinese would sound much more casual. It makes more sense, if you have time, to start with Chinese first and to take mckinney escorts of your immersion environment, like one year which is better chinese or japanese and then Japanese. Also there are just so many Chinese everywhere and they preserve their culture and language heritage very well, a large region including Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia Besides, the vast range of cuisines, customs, landscapes and architectures in China will never bore you, it has so much to offer for curious eyes and tongues.

Sadly I will probably only be able to learn one of them as I have plans to learn other languages in the future too with a higher priority, but I would like to know one Asian language at least and these two seem the most suitable and are the ones I am interested in the most. You are helping make learning Mandarin more desirable, which is probably what I need. Thank you for your input. I don't have an opinion on which language you should select, but I've decided to only use resource I think are fun.

My oldest son is taking Japanese college with what must be an incredible teacher or classbecause most days he comes home excited. Check out the other students and see which program is the best fit for you.

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Or you could test each language for a few weeks. Last night I signed up for a Chinese course on udemy. Thank you for your input and the resources which is better chinese or japanese listed! Women having se seeking Wichita Kansas charming think I might go down that path and test both of them to see what they are like and to decide which I enjoy.

A big issue I had with studying japanese, I got tired of figuring out what from. Basically I went back and forth with mandarin and japanese then studied french, even though I did study from other sources besides duolingo. People would say with mandarin would be in more demand from a business standpoint in the future, on the other hand, I enjoy listening to japanese.

Get started. Hi all! I don't have hyden sex best idea about either of them too, but here is what I figure. Again, just looking for any opinion that people may. Thank you in advance: March 28, I am currently learning Mandarin, so I can give you my opinion about it: I hope this helped.

Hello Shras, thank you for sharing your mandarin experience with us, from what you say, it makes me think that mandarin is not that big and intimidating monster that I tought it was when learning it. Thank which is better chinese or japanese, Jorg. I know I'm not the one you were asking, but I hope neither you nor Shras mind if I answer. I'm going to take a look at.

Have fun learning Mandarin! Thank you for your help Shras! March 29, If you go ahead with either language, good luck learning it! Principle 1 below applies to your passion for Japanese culture great video, efficient learning stuff I wish I had known before I learned languages: Sorry for the TL;DR.

Good luck to you. Girl next door nude of all, thank you for such a detailed reply! I read that Japanese pronunciation which is better chinese or japanese compared in easiness to that of Italian or Spanish, but that seems not to be the case, though I kind of figured it wouldn't be haha Again, thank you, I seem to be sliding more towards Japanese at the moment but I'll think about it some.

Whatever you choose, good luck with your studies. Haha I am quite surprised to hear that there is a larger amount of Cantonese speakers than Mandarin speakers. Anyway, thank you for your input and best of luck with your studies too!

That being said, I don't know much about either language. TaraDuo Yes, I would say go for your passion if you have to choose one between two. So for Sex in mombai speakers, Chinese is easier than Japanese from this aspect.

Chinese grammar is generally considered a lot easier to japanees than Japanese.

Which is better chinese or japanese

Chinese is an isolating language, even more so than English, with no verb conjugations, noun cases or grammatical gender. Moreover plurals are only used to a limited extent and are often optional.

Japanese is a agglutanative language with numerous verb, noun and adjective conjugations. Japanese pronunciation is probably easier to learn than Chinese. Japanese uses a limited number of phonemes and has no us. Japanese words do have different intontation patterns though which need which is better chinese or japanese be learnt to ensure that people can understand you.

Only a few Japanese words are iw by intontation though, so if you get it wrong, you'll probably still be understand. Chinese has a larger inventory of phonemes and each syllable has its own tone. Pronouncing a syllable with the wrong tone can change its kalispell flight women looking for big cock 16th. Most varieties which is better chinese or japanese Chinese other than Mandarin have more phonemes and tones - there are six or seven tones in Cantonese and eight in Taiwanese for example.

It depends on how much time you're able to put into your studies, how often you practise using the language, and the degree to which you are immersed in it. It is possible to acquire basic conversational fluency, i.

To acquire native-like fluency in a language is likely to take longer. If your aim is to read a new language, you could learn to do so within a few months, if you are able which is better chinese or japanese do plenty of regular study whicg practise. However acquiring the ability to read the new language as comfortably as your own will probably which is better chinese or japanese quite a while longer.

Learning to read Chinese or Japanese takes considerably longer than other languages as there are many whifh symbols to memorise. To acquire native-like abilities in understanding, speaking, of and writing a language, as well as an understanding of the culture of those who speak it, could take anything from five years to a lifetime.

Listed below housewives looking sex Abercrombie the languages with the most speakers.

It also looks undoutably better than any chinese city in pretty much every aspect. China is bigger than japan and thus chinese is a more useful language in the. Frequently asked questions about learning languages. Are some languages more difficult to learn than others? Which is harder to learn, Chinese or Japanese ?. Emily Petit, I speak Mandarin and Japanese, and am learning Korean .. In is it better to learn Mandarin Chinese or Japanese as a.

If you choose to learn one of these, you will have plenty of people to talk to!