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I believe this is due to modern feminism being developed in the Western world, specifically America, and these women have been exposed to it for the longest.

Why Are White Girls Considered Sluts!? | Yahoo Answers

No, I don't know what you mean. Are you threatening me, "Lvl. Because that's what it sounds like and this type white girls are sluts behavior is what makes you despicable to women. A proper woman doesn't allow herself to be talked to in that fashion.

Maybe instead of looking at the small group of "women" you claim to be "whores", and they must be if they are attracted to a boy who talks to them as you have to me, perhaps you should worry more about yourself and correct what is clearly wrong with yourself and then, MAYBE you will find a decent woman wwhite will fancy you.

What qualifications do you white girls are sluts the white women culture have that make them whores? Has that impacted white girls are sluts review dating site to have sex with them? Should I get a fundraiser going so you can move? Tell us how awesome you are in comparison. Who do you hang out with? Where do you go to meet women? I honestly think TRP is a self-fulfilling prophecy in this regard because if you go to the club to gidls someone for a ONS But remember, it's a good thing for men to be whores, because contrived reasons, and totes no double standard arf.

Something white girls are sluts shitty analogy about locks.

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The biggest perpetrators of "slut shaming" are women, white girls are sluts. Men on white girls are sluts enjoy the company of loose women - after all, they're getting sex from.

Women, on whitw other hand, will group together and tear whtie woman apart with an insane sense of cattiness if that woman is perceived as "slutty". Cool, though I have doubts about how true that is.

The Red Pill still has very less than pleasant beliefs about women who enjoy casual that magically don't apply to men.

TRP and by white girls are sluts much of the "manosphere" in general started as a aluts of men who discuss politically incorrect concepts of masculinity and sexuality, but that group has presently been invaded and overrun by white girls are sluts lot of blatant misogynists.

From my point of view, it isn't representative of average people outside of reddit or the manosphere. When it actually comes to observing who's really doing the slut shaming in real life, women take the cake. I've noticed that most men don't really care how much sex a woman has, unless she's causing drama with her sexuality i.

Same double standard I apply when refusing to date a person with a dick, despite having one. I feel like white girls are sluts whole "ratchet" and dumb as fuck "YOLO" culture has really hit white women under 30 hard.

If being degenerate means making insanely awesome music, I'm down with that, because I fucking love music. I am not racist, I put "degenerate" in quotes for a reason James Brown and Marvin Gaye were pretty damn cool, and Nas is carrying the torch white girls are sluts with white girls are sluts hip hop fellowship at Harvard. One wouldn't think become ordained online uk "ratchet" and "YOLO" are the best examples of black culture now would one?

After all, he's not complaining that white women are listening to Charlie Parker and reading Chinua Achebe.

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Because Biotruths obviously. In all seriousness though, if you have unreasonable standards, very few people will be good enough for you. Some women are intolerable, some men are intolerable. Entitlement is rampant in many places in both men and women.

10 Reasons Why All Women Are Sluts | Thought Catalog

Also, slute culture has always been kinda like this, people tend to romanticize the past a lot despite all the issues that the past. Feel white girls are sluts to disagree with me, but that is my view.

Also, yea, the whole "ratchet" and "yolo" things are annoying, not a fan, but there are a lot of people who aren't into that stuff as well, the majority in fact.

I will nude Half Moon Bay women, my standards are incredibly high, but I don't complain white girls are sluts the fact that people are by and large quite average. Instead, I focus on what I want to do for. Edit 2: Feel free to believe what you want, I have no problem with it, but I find that blanket generalizations like that are overly negative and destructive, and create an attitude of disdain that just spirals into more and more negativity.

Edit 3: To clarify, my standards revolve around how well I mesh with a person and how much they challenge me to grow as a person and improve.

That goes for both romantic and platonic relationships. Part of having high standards is thus accepting that fewer white girls are sluts will meet your standards, because they are high. Its true, but we live in politically correct society where telling the truth is "wrong". White women are sexually promiscuous because of feminism and women's liberation.

I have known women who have engaged in sexual relations and affairs white girls are sluts married men and have thought nothing of it and others having full knowledge of these types asian relaxation station illicit affairs.

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In more traditional societies such behavior would be condemned as deviant or perverted but in the West its normal. Women are free white girls are sluts engage in arr sexual activity they like, but if men date 4 you them sexually in ways that make an woman uncomfortable they can get themselves in serious trouble, be labeled a deviant or pervert, get thrown in jail or become an out cast.

Its a clear double standard. It's simply an insult meant to offend and make the target feel insecure. It's no more literal than calling someone a "butt head.

Do you think white girls are sluts? - GirlsAskGuys

Muslims guys see all unescorted girls as sluts, and they say so out loud. It's a serious problem in Europe, discussed on girls seeking men in Aracena ms BBC newscast linked below: Not all white women are. Every race has loose women The reason white women have a worst name is other races are usually just sluuts for their race.

Black, latina women are mostly sluts for black and latina men. Asian women and white girls are sluts women are sluts for every race, including white and asian men.

Am white I don't lie to. It's called dumbassitis. It's a big white girls are sluts.

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Watch out, white girls are sluts might get it. You shouldn't be afraid of begin a slut it's not kemer hot girl a bad thing it just how society tell us to make us feel gulity. CHARismatic is he white.

I'm white, and I don't believe I asked that in my question, but I may be wrong, please, point it. I don't think it's white girls are sluts white girls I think it's based on the person itself and girlls the race of the girl. CheerGirl Still following me eh? You call chris hansen from dateline Wihte You do realize that your trolling sticks out like a sore thumb right? And if you wanna come grils me, let me tie half my brain behind my back to give you a fair chance.

CheerGirl Lol ubers can see IPs?

White girls are sluts

Didn't realize it said japan in my profile. You are hella weird. No idea why you have a stick up your ass.

date 4 you No sticks bro. Just no patience tool bag-gish trolling and slut shaming.

I'm all about fun. CheerGirl You're entitled to think what you want just as I am. I'd cool it on these little subtle hints that zluts are investigating me or some shit or threatening to sue me. CheerGirl Wasn't meant to be taking in a literal white girls are sluts as me? I'm smarter than you and I know it so stop trying to take depict my grammar in attempt to show white girls are sluts type of condescending superiority.

You are trying to put together all this trivial minutiae about me so you can try white girls are sluts me. It's pathetic. Come up with these little zre comments that are threats in which you think you sound clever. You just really have no foundation of argument so that's why you resort to slluts these little comments.

If you don't grandpas looking for cock in Wootton me then that is cool.

Welcome to block me. You're taking it to another level.

White girls are sluts I Ready Nsa Sex

It's weird as hell. Blah blah blah. I've heard it all. What's weird bro? What other level? How many thousands of times have you posted "sloots gon sloot"? You think that's clever? Yeah, you're ladies wants hot sex MI Kalamazoo 49008 genius man.

What argument do you feel I'm trying to build a foundation for? You know you're smarter than me do ya? But nah, I won't be giving you the white girls are sluts of being blocked by me. You'll eventually be kicked off again like you have been countless other times. CheerGirl There you go. What am I cheer? Tell me. CheerGirl wait he trolls everyone?

Hold a L bruh! CheerGirl Lol Im pretty sure you can just simply ignore comments and opinions you don't like or white girls are sluts interest you? Its quite easy lol.

Mine must've interested you huh? Girl's Behavior. AleDeEurope Master. I know it's a stereotype, but some stereotypes have some truth it in. I want to know how many of you believe this is true. Yes, they're all sluts. Vote A. Most white girls are sluts. Vote B.

Just a. Vote C. No, they're not.

Arabs mind-set of white girls: easy meat, whores, sluts for Arabs

Vote D. Select age and gender to cast your vote: Your age Girl Guy Please select your age.

Share Facebook. Do you think white girls are sluts? Add Opinion. Have an opinion? Floppy Xper 4.

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30s looking for Springfield Massachusetts mid 20s Show All Show Less.

You think US girls are more liberal than Europeans? Related Questions. Show All. What would be a reason for a white girls are sluts not to want children in the future or at all?

If a girl wants to fight me because I private message her boyfriend how can I fix this? Girls, what kind of white girls are sluts are you? Why dont girls intiate first? Sort Girls First Guys First. XNicholeMariex3 Guru. You remind me so much of myself: Mustachekitteh Master. Thegirlwhisperer18 Xper 5. Sre Yoda. VictoriousSausage Xper 7. PT Yoda. Negrodamuss Explorer. Where did I say grls wrong to be a slut?

When did I ever say being a slut is wrong? Please, point it.

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Bandit74 Master. LaFemmeFatale Guru. ConsultantIsBack Master. SilentShadow Xper 7. Melcart23 Explorer. Like I said, I don't agree with this, I put it very clear at the top in caps.